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Breaking Changes

In the latest major update of EasyPoll, we have introduced some significant breaking changes. These changes improve the overall functionality and user experience, but may require users to adjust their existing workflows. Please review the release notes carefully to ensure a smooth transition to the new version.


  • Polls with reactions have been removed and do not work anymore. Reactions have been replaced by buttons and select menus. Polls with reactions can be migrated to buttons. (Apps => Migrate to Buttons)
  • Several new commands have been added, and some existing ones have been renamed.
  • Permissions are now managed within Server Settings => Integrations => EasyPoll => Command Permissions.
  • We have updated the required bot permissions.
  • Poll IDs have converted to UUIDs, and polls created before January 11, 2023, have been assigned new UUIDs.


Polls with reactions have been removed. No further polls with reactions can be created. Instead, only polls with buttons or select menus can be created. Polls that still have reactions do not work anymore.

Polls with reactions can be migrated to buttons after the update (right-click on the poll message => Apps => Migrate to Buttons)

We have decided to no longer support Reactions as they are difficult to handle at this scale. When we started with EasyPoll, the bot was only used by a small number of servers, so it was not difficult to handle the reactions. Now the bot has grown to over 200,000 servers and has to handle polls with several thousand votes. The bot had to ensure that added reactions were counted and that reactions were removed from anonymous polls and polls with limited choice. Buttons and select menus make it easier for us to keep control and ensure that we count all votes. This improves the integrity of the polls. In addition, anonymous polls do not need to have reactions removed, which has also often been a problem with large polls as the bot has to respect Discord's rate limits. Users now receive a direct confirmation that their vote has been counted and no longer receive a direct message for anonymous polls.


Several new commands have been added, and some existing ones have been renamed. A list with all commands can be found here.
The new default permissions only allow users with manage server permissions to use the commands by default.
More information about the new permission system can be found in the following section.

Permission System

Permissions are now managed within server settings, under Integrations => EasyPoll => Command Permissions.
Here, you can set permissions for each command, role, channel, and user. By default, the commands are only accessible to users with manage server permissions. As a result, the old permission system, which relied on the PollCreator role and easypoll channel description, has been entirely removed and no longer has any effect.
This change allows for a simpler, more efficient, and unified management of permissions.

Required Bot Permissions

We have updated the required bot permissions. Due to new features, the bot now needs additional permissions to work properly. Please ensure that the bot has all necessary permissions on your server.

PermissionsRequiredFor what?
Send MessagesTo send poll and help messages
Send Messages in ThreadsTo send poll and help messages in Threads
Read Messages/View ChannelsTo read and receive poll messages
Read Message HistoryTo receive old polls and to be able to close them
Manage MessagesTo manage and remove poll reactions
Embed LinksTo send and update poll message embeds
Add ReactionsTo initialize the possible answer reactions
Use External EmojisTo use custom emojis, even from other servers
Mention @everyone, @here, and All RolesTo mention roles and users in poll messages
Create Public ThreadsTo create threads for polls
Manage ThreadsTo manage/close threads for polls
Attach FilesTo send poll result exports and event logging directly as a file
Manage WebhooksTo setup webhooks for a event logging channel

You can check the permissions directly on your server using the /debug command.


Users who have invited the bot in recent months have already been prompted with the new required permissions.

Poll IDs

We have implemented breaking changes to Poll IDs by converting to UUIDs. This change took effect on January 11, 2023.
All polls created before this date have been assigned new UUIDs and can no longer be accessed using their old IDs.
However, they are still available in the Poll List, now with their new UUIDs.


Polls created after January 11, 2023, already have UUIDs and will retain them.