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Permission System

EasyPoll uses a very simple permission system with Discord permissions, roles and channel names.

Poll Permission Overview

Permission: ADMINISTRATORPermission: MANAGE_PERMISSIONSRole: PollCreatorChannel-Topic: easypollRole: @everyone
Create polls everywhere
Close polls everywhere
Create polls in special channel
Close own polls everywhere
Use all other bot info commands

Members with the server permissions

All members with the ADMINISTRATOR or MANAGE SERVER server permission have full access to the bot everywhere.

Members with a server role named PollCreator

All members with the server role named PollCreator also have everywhere and full access to the bot.
The role PollCreator must be created manually for this purpose.
The role does not require any special permissions, only the name of the role is important.

Text channels with easypoll in the name or description/topic

All members in text channels that contains easypoll in name or description (topic).
Just create or edit a text channel and put the word easypoll in the channel name or in the channel description.
All members have permissions to create a poll there. They can only close their own polls.